ABB Low Voltage/SSAC Improved PLMU Plug-In 3-Phase Line Monitor

ABB/SSAC’s PLMU Universal Plug-In 3-Phase Monitor & Motor Protector is now easier and faster to install. A new design will be released approx. July 15th 2008. The new design not only protects against dangerous phase reversal, but it now indicates these fault events.
Accidental phase reversal is most common when the equipment is initially installed or replaced. The new PLMU with PR indication makes installation fast, easy and safe. The equipment does not have to be started, and possibly damaged, when using the PLMU to detect the incoming phase sequence.
The PLMU is the first and most popular universal plug-in line monitor. One part number can protect any size motor from 1 to 1200 Hp operating on 200 to 480 V AC. Called the universal replacement part, PLMU11 replaces over 100 competitive part numbers as it improves the phase fault protection provided.