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VARIOSUB Push-Pull Connector System

The VARIOSUB Push-Pull connector system transfers data using copper and FO technologies, it also offers a power connector to supply power to devices. The Push-Pull connectors are robust, easy to operate and have the IP67 degree of protection, making them ideal for distributed automation.

Phoenix Contact QC 1.5 Quick Connect Plugs

With the release of the new QC (Quick Connect) 1.5 plugs, Phoenix Contact provides an Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC)-based plug for use in an expanded range of wire gauges.

The QC 1.5 represents the next generation in I/O and low power terminations to the PCB. Compared with other IDC products currently available, the QC 1.5 plug offers greater flexibility in wire selections (24-16AWG). The plugs are designed on a 5mm pitch (centerline) spacing and come with or without mounting flanges. The QC 1.5 plugs mate with Phoenix Contact’s 5mm headers, enabling vertical, horizontal or lengthwise PCB mounting for wider range flexibility.

The fast termination of discrete, stranded wires provides a labor-saving advantage during installation. With a common screwdriver, the user can ensure a positive, gas-tight connection. The plugs can be clearly identified via ink marking or adhesive-backed labels to eliminate potential wiring errors and to aid in manufacturing processing. Also, the individual actuation levels can be color-coded for applications needing custom configurations.

The QC 1.5 plugs make an audible “click” to ensure proper mating. Optional mounting flanges provide an added level of mating interface security.

The QC 1.5 plugs are designed for use in the standard industrial control and instrumentation market. They work especially well in the telecommunications market, which has embraced the merits of IDC terminations.

Phoenix Contact PLUGTRAB PT Surge Protection

Especially in the area of measurement and control systems, often a multitude of lines must be protected from surge voltages. With Phoenix Contact’s TRABTECH surge protection and the PLUGTRAB PT product family it’s no problem.

With a width of only 17.5 mm (1 div.), you can protect up to five signal lines, two double wires or a four-conductor measurement from surge voltages.

Universal pluggability of the PLUGTRAB PT product family means replacing faulty plugs when servicing is necessary is inexpensive and possible without disconnection or influencing the signals.

Phoenix Contact ILC GSM GPRS Wireless Networking System

Phoenix Contact’s ILC 150 GSM/GPRS is the best choice if remote stations or stations distributed over a large area are to be integrated into the company network cost-effectively and public telephone lines are not available for data transmission.

The GSM modem integrated in the miniature controller can be used to transfer process data, operating states or fault messages across all common mobile telephone networks and over any distance to the control center or to the mobile telephone of the on-call service personnel.

There is no need to lay expensive data cables. With GPRS, the ILC 150 GSM/GPRS provides a packet-oriented, reasonably priced wireless service with a permanent online connection. The charges for this service depend only on the volume of data sent.