IDEC LUMIFA Environmentally-Friendly LED Light Strips

IDEC continues to move towards a green future with the announcement of the LUMIFA series of LED light strips, LF1A and LF1B.
LF1A and LF1B LED light strips give you a way to save time, energy and money. These environmentally-friendly light units pay for themselves, you recoup their cost with savings over time. Perfect for narrow areas, those not easily accessible or that are dangerous to access, these LEDs have a minimum lifespan of 40,000 hours. Once it’s installed, you won’t have to worry about maintenance issues for a long time! Plus, these LED light strips provide a bright light source while producing very little heat (even less than a fluorescent lamp).

LF1A LED strips use super-bright multi-chip LEDs providing illumination equivalent to a 20W fluorescent lamp, while consuming only one third the power. They come in a thin housing available in three sizes with four color configurations (warm white, cool white, yellow and red). LF1A light strips have a rated voltage of 24V DC.

An internal waterproof gasket and transparent panel with thick reinforced glass make LF1A-D2F LED light strips perfect for use in a food processing line or outdoors where they might be immersed or sprayed with water or oil. These light strips are also RoHS compliant, mercury free. LF1A-D2F light strips have a rated voltage of 24V DC.

LF1B miniature LED light strips are housed in a thin light strip, and are available in four sizes with a choice of two covers (transparent or white). Customers needing an LED that can provide protection from dust, as well as from limited water spray, have their answer. LF1B light strips are white in color and have a rated voltage of 24V DC.