Turck BL20 Motor Starter Economy Module

TURCK’s new BL20 motor starter economy module utilizes SWIRE technology to provide daisychain connection from a single I/O slice to each motor starter via a ribbon cable.

“SWIRE technology provides the benefit of plug-and-play connectorization, eliminating the labor required to hardwire motor starters to digital output points and auxiliary contacts back to digital inputs,” says Nick Clute, product specialist with TURCK’s network and interface division. “By using this connection technology, it is now possible to control up to 48 motor starters on a single fieldbus node.”

The motor starter SWIRE module allows 3-phase motor control to be connected to the same rack as standard I/O. In addition, with the SWIRE connection, motor starters can be mounted on separate DIN-rails within the same panel – pairing the flexibility of standard motor starters with the advantages of fieldbus control. “When motor starters are on a fieldbus, the benefit is that they can be located close to the motor they are controlling,” Clute adds.

The BL20 motor starter module is available in sizes ranging from .08 to 20 horsepower, both direct and reversing, for use on DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS®, CANopen, EtherNet/IP™ and Modbus TCP/IP networks with both standard and programmable gateways. Trip indication may also be added to any motor starter. The BL20 motor starter module complies with industrial switchgears standards IEC/EN 60947-4-1 and carries an IP 20 environmental protection rating.

TURCK’s BL20 system consists of a gateway, base modules and electronic modules. I/O modules are configured independent of the fi eldbus protocol, and up to 72 I/O modules may be connected to a gateway. This equates to systems that may include up to 1,152 digital I/O points or 288 analog channels.

All BL20 gateways are compatible with TURCK’s I/Oassistant software package to perform initial configuration, parameter set-up, documentation, commissioning and diagnostic functions for on/offl ine usage. It is recommended to use I/Oassistant to verify that all restrictions regarding power and size are met. I/Oassistant may be downloaded for free from

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