Phoenix Contact FMC 1.5 and MCDN 1.5 Connectors

As the miniaturization continues, the connection density increases. A new centerline of 3.81mm has just been added to the growing fleet of Phoenix Contact FMC plugs. The FMC is currently available in a 3.5 mm centerline and a double-level molded plug on a 3.5 mm centerline.

In addition to the minimal space requirements, conductors of up to 16 AWG can be directly pushed in, thanks to the innovative spring-cage design. The direct plug-in method is a fast and easy connection that can be used with solid or ferruled conductors.

For connection to the PCB, the FMC plugs can be combined with a large range of MC headers that take connections vertical, horizontal, or angled to the board. When the FMC 1.5 is joined with the THR MCDN double-level header, connection density is dramatically increased at a minimal height of 16 mm.
  • Tool-less push-in spring technology for solid and flexible wires with ferrules
  • When fully mated, the connection stands at a minimal 16 mm high
  • Utilization of spring-cage technology saves time and money
  • Super-flat plug design encourages space savings
Technical Data
  • Amp: 8 A
  • Voltage: 150 V
  • Positions: 3-12
  • Centerline: 3.81mm
  • Wire size: 24-16 AWG