Turck 19-pin 1 1/8″ Connectors

TURCK has expanded its 1 1/8 inch minifast ® connector line to handle even more
applications with the addition of the 19-pin connector. The 19-pin minifast connector is rated for up to 300 Volts, 4 Amps per pin, and is an excellent solution when requiring an even more robust, cost-effective solution than a traditional 19-pin M23 connector.

The 19-pin connector adds to the existing 9, 10 and 12-pin 1 1/8 inch minifast connector line. Additional minifast connector sizes and pin counts are also available, including a 7/8 inch connector with 2 through 6 pins, and a 1 inch connector with 6 through 8 pins. All connectors provide IEC IP 68 protection.

Like most TURCK cordsets, the minifast line offers male or female, straight and right angle connectors, standard and custom lengths, and pigtails or extensions. Fully encapsulated mating receptacles with nickel-plated brass housing and 1/2”-14 NPT, 3/4”-14 NPT, PG 16 and M20 mounting threads complete the system.