New Literature from Phoenix Contact

Wireless Ethernet Radio

802.11/Wi-Fi connectivity is an alternative to traditional wiring methods for high-speed/high-bandwidth applications in the industrial control process.  Phoenix Contact’s RAD-Line series of Ethernet Radios easily integrates an IEEE 802.11/Wi-Fi-based radio into an industrial control process.

Water Management Solutions
Decades of experience and reliability has made Phoenix Contact a trusted partner in automating water management on numerous national and international projects.  Phoenix Contact’s solution system ensures problem-free processing in all system parts at all sites.

Trusted Wireless Ethernet (TWE) Radios
The RAD-ISM-900-EN-BD industrial radio transceiver from Phoenix Contact brings Ethernet or serial data from remote locations to IP based networks.  It is suitable for SCADA applications, and the highly reliable and secure transmissions make it ideal for integrating processes that contain sensitive revenue generating data.

CONTACTRON Wear-Free Switching with Solid-State Contactors
Phoenix Contact’s CONTACTRON three-phase “4 in 1” solid-state reversing contactors are used for motors with an engine power of up to 4kW.  Four functions are combined in one device: right contactor, left contactor, motor protection and emergency stop up to category 3.

nanoLine Control System
The nanoLine from Phoenix Contact is a new control platform with easy applications programming and flexible, modular configurations.  It requires virtually no support and is targeted for basic applications in competitive markets where connectivity is increasingly required.

STEP POWER Power Supply
Phoenix Contact’s STEP POWER power supplies are new low profile devices for DC power applications in shallow cabinets and junction boxes.  STEP POWER offers double power density due to their high level of efficiency.  Maximum energy efficiency is achieved through low power dissipation in idling mode.