Red Lion Controls PAXLT Temperature Meter

Red Lion is pleased to announce the latest release in our new PAX® Lite Series, the PAXLT Temperature Meter. Like the earlier releases of the PAXLA and PAXLCR, the meter features a universal power supply and easy PAX style programming. Also included is dual setpoint control, allowing the PAXLT to provide users with an upper and lower control limit via two 5 Amp Form C relays.

The PAXLT can accept up to 14 different RTD and thermocouple inputs. The user programmable meter offers cold junction compensation, temperature scale, decimal point display, display offset and filtering. In addition to temperature, the PAXLT can display the minimum and maximum temperature for a given period.

The PAX Lite Series allows users to address a wide range of applications with one meter to reduce inventory and simplify unit programming.