Schneider Electric Harmony Spring Clamp Contact Blocks

Harmony Spring Clamp Contacts are fully compatible with XB4/XB5 22mm push buttons and maximize installation simplicity, providing secure connections with excellent vibration resistance.

All Harmony spring clamp contacts conform to CE marking and IEC/EN standards, and are manufactured in conformity with the requirements of the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) European Directive.

The new Spring Clamp contacts are so intuitive that its not necessary to have any instructions. Mount in complete confidence thanks to a strong snap and the lever position which provides visual indication of a secure connection. With its new design, the Schneider Electric Spring Clamp is the only Contact Block and on the market that is wired without the use of a tool! The spring clamp products reduce wiring time by 66% compared to screw clamps.

Vibration, temperature cycling, and settling of strands may cause a screw clamp connection to be checked and re-tightened to insure a secure connection. Harmony spring clamp contacts maintain their clamping force despite vibration, temperature cycling, and settling of strands.

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