Red Lion Controls PAX2A Dual Line Display Meter

Red Lion is pleased to announce their all new PAX2A dual line display meter. This new meter features all of the award winning advanced functions of their original PAX meters, and more. It has a display featuring a 6 digit, 0.7″ (18 mm) top line and 9 digit, 0.35″ (9 mm) bottom line. This allows the top to display the process function while the bottom line has plenty of room to totalize large numbers. The backlight LCD allows the top line to be programmed to display in orange, red and green. The programmable setpoint outputs can also control the color of the display, providing an operator with a visual indication of machine changes. The unit also includes a 3 digit programmable custom unit indicator.

The PAX2A features a universal signal input that accepts DC current, DC voltage, process signals, thermocouples and RTD temperature sensor inputs. The universal power supply can accept 50 to 250 VAC or 21.6 to 250 DC power. The PAX2A provides the maximum in application flexibility, allowing for a reduction in the number of meters that need to be stocked.

Additional features include a built-in USB programming port, easy PAX-style programming, meter update rates at 160 updates/second, and built-in standard communication using Modbus protocol. Add to all of this access to the wide variety of PAX option cards and one has the most flexible meter in the world. The field installable cards provide dual and quad relay outputs, retransmitted analog out and communications, including RS232, RS485, DeviceNet and Profibus.