SMC Pneumatics LER Electric Rotary Actuator

Building on the success of their easy setting Series LE electric actuator range SMC, the world leading experts in pneumatics, have announced the launch of a new compact, high performance, electric rotary actuator with position, speed, acceleration/deceleration control – Series LER.

Particularly suitable for handling applications, Series LER actuators are delivered with their own controller with the actuator´s parameters already preset thereby dramatically reducing installation and programming time. With up to 64 positioning points, a 320º positioning angle and positioning repeatability of ±0.05º as standard, these actuators also feature an external stopper for applications requiring a higher positioning repeatability at the end of ±0.01º, with rotation angles of 90º or 180º and with an adjustment range of ±2º.

Available in both standard and high precision types, with a maximum rotating torque of 10N.m, these electric actuators can deliver smooth, shock-less, high speed actuation up to 420º/s and acceleration up to 3000º/s2 . Finally, if lack of available space is also a concern, Series LER are also extremely compact with a low profile design due to their inbuilt step motor construction.