Schneider Electric OsiSense XXV18 Ultrasonic Sensor

The OsiSense™ XXV18 ultrasonic sensor from Schneider Electric provides similar proximity sensing capabilities as most inductive sensors, but delivers greater sensing capabilities with respect to target color, shape or composition. These sensors are self-contained, pulse echo, ultrasonic sensing devices that both transmit and receive sonic energy in an 18 mm cylindrical housing.

Ideal for packaging, material handling and metal working assembly machine applications, these sensors are unaffected by changing light conditions, colors or environmental noise. The OsiSense™ XXV18 ultrasonic sensor is designed to perform reliably in harsh industrial environments where other sensing technologies are challenged (e.g., changing light conditions, dust, dirt, powder, humidity, etc.). The OsiSense™ XXV18 sensors have a sensing range from 2.0 mm (0.08 in.) to 50.0 mm (1.97 in) which is a 25 percent to 200 percent increased sensing range compared to traditional inductive sensors. 

Offering great value at low costs, this OsiSense™ ultrasonic sensor provides a versatile and powerful ultrasonic sensing solution as an alternative to using inductive sensors in proximity sensing applications.

Schneider Electric OsiSense XXV18 Ultrasonic Sensor

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