Banner Engineering High-Power Linear Back Lights

Banner Engineering’s new High-Power Linear Back Lights are developed for backlighting narrow areas that can vary in length, such as web processing applications.  The extremely diffused light can also be used in area lighting applications, eliminating issues related to hot spots.


  • Four high-intensity, visible wavelengths, plus IR
  • Available in six different lengths: – 145mm (5.7 in) – 290 mm (11.4 in) – 435 mm (17.7 in) – 580 mm (22.8 in) – 870 mm (34.2 in) – 1160 mm (45.6 in)
  • High-power, solid-state LED array; continuous or strobed operation is selectable via sensor software (P4 models) or via hookup
  • Optically isolated strobe signal
  • Selectable Active High or Active Low strobe option
  • Maintenance-free, rugged construction
  • Very even light pattern
  • Can also be used as a highly diffused area light
  • Diffused backlight for any Vision System