Schneider Electric Altivar Plus Engineered Drive Systems

Schneider Electric announces the new Altivar 61/71 Plus high horse power engineered drive systems that provide a robust packaged adjustable speed solution for commercial, industrial, and municipal applications. These drives combine the reliability and ease of use of the Altivar drives family with proven, validated, and tested drive system designs and provide a perfect solution for such markets as MMM, Oil & Gas, WWW, Marine and Energy.

Altivar Plus drives include:

  • Pre-engineered, ready-to-use solutions in highly efficient designs
  • NEMA Type 12 enclosures
  • Large swiveling control panel for customization of drive controls
  • Inverter mounted on rails for easy maintenance
  • Altivar Plus with ATV71 125hp-1800hp, 460VAC 125hp-2100hp, 600VAC
  • Altivar Plus with ATV61 125hp-2000hp, 460VAC 125hp-2500hp, 600VAC
  • Schneider Electric Universal Enclosures