Banner Engineering WLS28-2 Dual-Color LED Strip Lights

Banner Engineering’s WLS28-2 Dual-Color LED Strip Lights were developed for applications where more than one color is required.  Having two colors in one device makes the lights ideal for applications such as mobile vehicle illumination, where red light makes it easier for the operator’s eyes to transition to dark areas at night.  Another example is machine status indication, where alternating colors illuminate equipment during an error condition.


  • Enhanced light quality which bright, densely-spaced LEDs.
  • Optional three-position switch for manual color selection.
  • Rugged, water-resistant IP69K models available.
  • Internal temperature control to protect the device in extreme conditions.
  • Cascadable models allow control of several lights with one power cable.
  • Low-profile, space-saving design.
  • Available in four lengths from 285 to 1130mm.
  • Optional snap clips for easy installation and repositioning.