Phoenix Contact UNO Power Supply Additions

Phoenix Contact’s UNO Power family now includes two new higher-power 150W (6.3A) and 240W (10A) devices.  The value-powered reliability that has become the hallmark feature of the smaller output devices is also part of these two new power supplies.

The 24VDC/ 150W (6.3A) output device has a high-quality, rugged plastic housing and provides more power than a comparable sized device and at a better price.

The 24VDC/ 240W output version is a metal-housing device that provides a rugged and reliable 10A of output power for the value minded customer. At only 45mm wide, the 240W UNO is among the smallest 10A power supplies available in the market today.

Both power supply variants have an adjustable output range of 24-28VDC . They also have an operational temperature range of -25°C to +70°C.

Phoenix Contact UNO Power Supply Additions

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