Banner Engineering Wireless Vibration and Temperature Sensor

Vibration monitoring can identify potential problems before they become too serious or disruptive. With the new Banner Engineering Wireless Vibration and Temperature Sensor, it is easy to monitor motors, pumps, blowers and many other types of machines throughout an entire facility. Combined with a Banner Wireless Node and Gateway, the system can be set up to provide local indication, the signal can be sent to a central location and the data can be collected by the gateway.


  • Provides high accuracy vibration (velocity RMS) and temperature measurements
  • Manufactured with a robust zinc alloy housing
  • Connects via a 1-wire serial interface
  • Designed to work with FlexPower 1-Wire Serial Interface Node models DX80N9X1S-P6 and DX80N2X1S-P6, MultiHop M-H6 radios, and the Wireless Q45 Sensor Node DX80N2Q45VT