Phoenix Contact PTPOWER 35, 50 & 150 Terminal Blocks

Phoenix Contact introduces three additions to the PTPOWER family. PTPOWER 35, 50, and 150 now extend our reliable spring type connection on conductors up to 300 MCM.

Screw-type connections have long dominated larger wire terminations, because a suitable spring version was not available. More customers have requested a spring-type version for the added benefits it offers, including a faster termination as well as consistent connection technology among all connections within their cabinet. PTPOWER fulfills these requirements with a fast, safe, and reliable connection.

These high-power blocks have a similar design and accessories to their smaller counterparts in the CLIPLINE complete line, including marking and testing adaptors.

All PTPOWER products from Phoenix Contact feature Power-Turn technology. This patented design enables large conductors to be connected quickly and easily with the turn of a lever. Up to three high-quality springs work with the prismatic terminal body base to create a vibration-resistant conductor connection that is stable in the long term. In addition to this quick and safe Power-Turn feature, our unique push-in capabilities can still be used. With the terminal block in the “closed” position, the user simply pushes a wire in until it stops. This is the world’s fastest way to connect wires greater than 2 AWG.


  • All PTPOWER blocks are UL Recognized
  • Both DIN rail (15mm) and direct mounting versions available
  • Product range includes sets of 3, 4, or 5 terminals at once
  • Conductors enter through the side, eliminating the need to accommodate a bending radius
  • Two and three position insertion bridges available on 50, 95, and 150 blocks 
  • Test points are included on both sides of the terminal, with an option for a 4 mm test socket block 
  • The AGK 10-PTPOWER voltage pick-off terminal fits two conductors up to 6 AWG