Schneider Electric Magelis GTU HMI w/ WiFi

The Magelis GTU range of HMI from Schneider Electric was recently expanded to include a 12.1″ Smart Display with integrated WiFi. This allows for easy access from wireless devices like laptops, tablets and smart-phones. It can also be used to keep mobile equipment connected to the network.

Easy Access

  • Wireless connection between the HMI and service PC – No need to open the enclosure or connect any cables.
  • Access Point functionality includes routing to any device connected via the HMI’s Ethernet ports.
  • No need for separate antenna or routers.
  • Up to 10M in range.


  • Direct connection to the HMI with VijeoDesign’Air and VijeoDesign’AirPlus mobile apps.
  • A great fit for mobile applications, such as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s).

Cost Effective

  • No additional cost for external access point, routers, or antennas.