Banner Engineering WLB32 Industrial LED Light Bar

The WLB32 is now available with a built-in motion detector and an eye shield window option in both AC and DC models. 

The passive infrared (PIR) motion detector was developed for use in applications that need an automated way to turn the light on and off. It is ideal for locations that cannot use a physical switch or where the placement of the switch is not useful. While LED lighting provides dramatic energy savings over traditional light sources, further savings can be derived by switching lights off when not in use. 

New models of the WLB32 featuring an eye shield window block direct line of sight to the domed window to increase eye comfort. These models are ideal for use on workstations or machines where lights are mounted at eye level. 


  • PIR motion detector with 60 second off timer and 12 meter range 
  • Highly energy efficient for overall cost savings 
  • High/Low/Off switch 
  • Available in four lengths 
  • Daisy chain power to multiple lights. Each light can be turned to High/Low/Off independently of the other lights 
  • Metal housing, shatterproof window 
  • Easy installation with snap clips, or choice of magnetic or angle brackets