E-T-A EPR10 Power Relays

The electronic power relay EPR10 from E-T-A is a solid state relay for high continuous currents. It is suitable for use in utility vehicles and special vehicles where reliability and functional safety are at a premium. At 24VDC, the EPR10 allows a continuous load of up to 200A.

The EPR10 is available in two different versions: EPR10-N is a relay and has no protective function. Two performance classes are available (up to 100A and up to 200A). EPR10-P is a protective relay and monitors both the load current and the thermal load. In the event of a critical condition, the device will automatically interrupt the circuit and will issue a group fault signal.


  • Compact: 80% smaller package size than conventional solid state relays
  • Robust: Sealed circuitry (IP57 rated) protects the device from harmful environmental factors (dust, humidity) that reduces maintenance costs
  • Cost effective: Eliminate the need for heat sinks used in solid state relays and the protected version (EPR10-P) eliminates the need for blade fuses