IDEC IANF2 Motion Controllers

IANF2 modules from IDEC offer two independent motion control axes that function in an open-loop configuration, or closed loop using the available encoder feedback. Each axis can be used to drive a stepper or a servo with step/direction input capability. The IANF2 can synchronize its two axes, giving you the ability to control linear and circular motions in an XY plane. Moreover, AMCI-IDEC IANF2 expansion modules allow you to easily interface up to 12 motion axes using a single network connection, which reduces physical wiring and streamlines network traffic. No other product rivals the flexibility, performance, and value of AMCI-IDEC IANF2 Motion Controllers.


  • 2-axis motion controllers with expansion capabilities
  • Expand up to 12 axes
  • Interpolated motion (circular and linear)
  • Encoder feedback for closed loop motion control
  • Use for Servo or Stepper control
  • Simplified programming with WindLDR macro instructions