Phoenix Contact EAGLEi Remote Monitoring

Phoenix Contact’s EAGLEi Cellular RTU is a remote monitoring solution offered jointly by Phoenix Contact and EAGLEi Data LLC. This solution uses secure cloud-based data management to allow access to remote systems via a cellular network. The EAGLEi Cellular RTU is great for industries such as water/wastewater, oil and gas, or any remote application that needs monitoring. 

This is effectively gather data from your distributed assets without the large capital investment. No software purchases or maintaining of data servers is required.
With the flexibility you can cut your ties to the control room and make your data available wherever an Internet connection exists. View your remote assets via computer, tablet, or smartphone. Be notified of alarms via e-mail or text message.

Have peace of mind through protected connection, collection, storage, and retrieval of your data. All data is secured through a next-generation security platform and stored on redundant servers. Retrieval of data requires user/password authentication. 

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