IDEC FC6A Plus now with BACnet/IP Protocol

IDEC’s MicroSmart FC6A Plus CPU exceeds the competition with premium features including 2060 digital I/O, 511 analog I/O, Bluetooth communication, FTP Client/Server protocol, SD memory for data logging, dual Ethernet ports and the WindEDIT Lite App for iOS and Android. Now, with the introduction of BACnet/IP protocol, users can expect even more.

BACnet stands for “Building Automation and Control Networking Protocol”. A communication standard for building networks and equipment, this protocol has been standardized for interoperability between systems built by different manufacturers. Conforming to BACnet allows equipment and systems that use the IDEC MicroSmart FC6A Plus, such as HVAC, lighting, security and peripheral equipment, to be connected and monitored using a common method. Best of all, with BACnet there’s no extra hardware or added cost.

With a quick firmware upgrade, available in Automation Organizer (AO) version 3.12.00 and WindLDR version 8.9.0, BACnet/IP is now supported on embedded Ethernet Port #1 of the MicroSmart FC6A Plus CPU. Configuring BACnet/IP on the FC6A Plus CPU is simple and intuitive, so download the latest AO and experience the latest innovation from IDEC MicroSmart FC6A!


  • Ethernet Port #1 supports BACnet/IP
  • Supports B-ASC BACnet profile
  • Maximum 256 Objects
  • Supported Object Types: Device, Analog Input, Analog Output, Analog Value, Binary Input, Binary Output, Binary Value
  • Supports Unsubscribed COV, Subscribed COV and Foreign Device

IDEC FC6A Plus now with BACnet/IP Protocol Press Release

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