Banner Engineering LMS Series Compact Precision Laser Measurment Sensor

Banner Engineering’s new LM series sensor offers best-in-class performance with superior stability, reliability, and precision for real world targets. With the introduction of the LM, Banner has developed the optional Remote Sensor Display (RSD) for simplified sensor set up, recipe control, and configuration storage


  • Precise Measurement: The LM provides reliable quality and process control with 0.004 mm resolution and repeatably measures real-world targets with varying colors and reflectivity.
  • High-Speed: With response speeds as fast as 0.5 ms, the LM can reliably solve high-speed applications with fast-moving targets.
  • Real-World Stability: LM sensors feature a thermally stable design that resists temperature changes, as well as enhanced mounting stability, for high accuracy in the toughest environments. The LM has a temperature effect of ±0.008 mm/°C. This is imperative for high precision applications since even a few degrees of temperature change can cause other sensors’ measurement error to double.
  • Quick Setup and Replacement: The optional RSD remote display stores up to 6 configurations for product changeover and easy device replacement.

Banner Engineering LMS Series Compact Precision Laser Measurment Sensor Press Release

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