Red Lion Crimson 3.1 Cloud Connectors

Red Lion Controls announces embedded Crimson® 3.1 support for Sparkplug, Amazon® Web Services (AWS™) and Microsoft® Azure® MQTT connectors. 

Connect Directly to IIoT Platforms 

Now CR3000 HMIs, Graphite® HMIs and Edge Controllers– with Crimson 3.1’s new cloud connectors – can communicate directly with Amazon AWS, Inductive Automation’s Ignition! SCADA, or Azure Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms with the same point-and-click, easy to use configuration that customers value. 

Easily Communicate Critical Operational Data

By enabling direct communication to some of the industry’s most popular IIoT platforms, companies can do things like quickly analyze historic maintenance data across multiple locations to help increase uptime and reduce costs by detecting symptoms of potential failures ahead of time.

Red Lion Crimson 3.1 Cloud Connectors Press Release

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