Banner Vibrations Sensor and Wireless Node

Identify equipment problems early before a failure can occur by monitoring the health of motors, fans, pumps, and similar equipment. Banner’s wireless Q45VA vibration sensor has a compact, all-in-one design that makes it easy and cost-effective to monitor any asset with rotating motion for a variety of vibration characteristics and send that information to a wireless gateway.


  • One Cost-Effective Device for Rapid Deployment: The Q45VA combines a QM42VT1 vibration sensor, a Q45VT wireless node, and a battery power supply in one compact and completely wireless device that costs less than purchasing the sensor and node separately. The all-in-one design eliminates the time, labor, and expense of installing separate sensors and nodes—a significant advantage for large-scale deployments.

  • Reduce Downtime and Increase Efficiency: Use one or more Q45VA wireless vibration sensors with a DXM wireless controller running Banner’s machine learning algorithm for a solution capable of establishing a vibration baseline for each machine being monitored and alerting operators when parameters are outside established thresholds.

  • Local and Remote Monitoring: View graphs of vibration data, create alerts, store, and analyze data from multiple assets using the Wireless Solutions Kit (sold separately) for Vibration Monitoring and Q45VA wireless vibration sensors. Or create your own solution using Banner’s Connected Data Solutions cloud software in combination with Q45VA sensors and a DXM Series wireless controller.