Bussmann by Eaton Arc flash relay system

Bussmann by Eaton Arc flash relay system helps improve worker safety and maximize electrical assembly uptime by quickly detecting and clearing faults faster than traditional methods. Featuring installed arc flash relay modules and sensors, the system is designed to rapidly detect and clear even the most difficult forms of arc flash events in both low voltage and medium voltage electrical assemblies.


  • An innovative module system allows for simple integration into electrical assemblies
  • Sensitive light inputs detect low power phase to ground arc faults
  • The relay’s configurable setup offers optional system selectivity, opening the circuit breaker closest to the arc flash
  • Flexible module options allow installers to choose between fiber optic loop cable and wired point sensors
    If the point sensor option is selected, the relay can be wired and tested, reducing time and labor costs

Bussmann by Eaton Arc flash relay system Datasheet

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