Dorner Aquagard 7350

Dorner’s Innovative, new Aquagard 7350 V2 Curve Conveyor chain features a center bearing to eliminate friction, carry a heavier load and allow four curves to be driven by a single motor. This unique design improves productivity, along with saving valuable floor space as the conveyor can make tight turns around existing machinery and equipment without being hindered by extra motors.


  • Belted, Cleated Belt, Modular Belt, Modular Cleated Belt Models, and Positive Drive Options
  • Loads up to 341 kg (750 lbs)
  • Widths: 152 mm (6 in) to 914 mm (36 in)
  • Lengths: 914 mm (3 ft) to 2500mm (82 ft)
  • FDA approved belting and plastic components
  • 304 Stainless Steel frame
  • Available in straights, curves or Z-Frame configurations

Dorner Aquagard 7350 Datasheet

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