Phoenix Contact Radioline I/O modules

New voltage analog input and NAMUR input expansion cards

Phoenix Contact’s Radioline wireless platform has expanded its flexible expansion module line with the addition of a 4-channel voltage analog input card and a 4-channel NAMUR input card. The 4-channel analog input card, RAD-AI4-U-IFS, accommodates 0-5 V or 0-10 V analog inputs. This addition provides flexibility to the existing 4-channel analog input card which accepted 4-20 mA inputs

Applications for RAD-AI4-U-IFS

  • Instrumentation with a voltage output
  • Locations where lower power or solar power is required

The 4-channel NAMUR input card, RAD-NAM4-IFS, accommodates four NAMUR inputs which provide status of the signal as well as the quality of the signal line. When using a NAMUR type input, the module will detect whether the switch is on or off as well if the signal line is faulted (open or short circuit).

Applications for RAD-NAM4-U-IFS

  • Fire pull stations
  • Gate switches
  • Fence switches
  • Perimeter security

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