Schmersal Safety Installation Systems


The right solution for every application

Schmersal safety installation systems are aids for configuring complex machine systems with quick and simple wiring of safety switchgear in series, significantly reducing the wiring involved. A particular benefit of this installation system is that different electronic safety switchgear systems, such as sensors and interlocks, can be mixed and connected in the relevant application. With larger systems, different machine areas often need to be secured using different safety switches. At the same time, the new system offers cost-optimized options for applications exclusively using electronic safety switchgear.

The safety installation systems also allow individual diagnosis of the safety switchgear connected. This means the operator can clearly identify which switch in the series has triggered a signal. Therefore, any errors can be fixed quickly and machine downtime can be avoided. The safety installation systems from Schmersal thus increase machine availability.

Aside from standard I/O devices, an option also exists to connect safety sensors and interlocks with serial diagnosis. Comprehensive diagnostic data can be transferred to a control system via the SD gateway by means of series diagnostics.

Passive field box PFB: For versatile industrial use

The PFB is a solution to connect up to 4 electronic safety devices per box, for either conventional or serial diagnostics

  • Plug & play solution with M12 connector cables
  • Integrated LEDs show status of each connected device
  • Easy configuration via DIP switches

Passive distribution module PDM: For hygiene-sensitive applications

The passive distribution module PDM is small and compact, can be mounted easily in existing terminal boxes and is especially suitable for higher demands in hygiene with food and packaging machines.

  • Can be configured easily via DIP switches
  • Spring-type terminals for simple and low-cost installation
  • Compact design with a width of only 45 mm on the profile rail

Active input expander module SRB-E-PE: For all common safety switchgear

The active input expander modules SRB-E-PE are used for safe series connection of electromechanical switches and sensors to contact outputs or electronic OSSD outputs. The multifunctional safety relay module SRB-E-PE can be configured for up to nine different applications

  • Function settings can be configured easily via rotary knob switches
  • Removable screw-type or spring-type terminals
  • Compact module with a width of just 22.5 mm on the profile rail
  • Suitable for applications up to Cat. 4 / PL e / SIL 3

Schmersal Safety Installation Systems

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