Banner Engineering Direct Select Wireless Operator Interface

Banner Engineering’s Direct Select™ is a multifunction operator interface that improves communication between staff, supervisors, assets, and equipment. It features multiple input, indication, and display capabilities and can be used to send and receive information, direct actions, track performance, monitor equipment, and more.


  • Battery-powered wireless device installs easily on mobile and stationary assets, machines, or equipment where adding or altering wired infrastructure would be impractical or not cost-effective.
  • Two-way communication between devices over a secure, robust Sure Cross® wireless network.
  • Versatile operator interface can be used as an input or output device in a wide range of applications.
  • Three-digit numeric display (0 – 999) indicates quantity, location, position, or other instructions.
  • Bright, eight-color indicator can be linked to device inputs or remote inputs from within the network.
  • Capacitive touch input requires no physical pressure to actuate and can be activated with a glove.
  • Four tactile buttons enable increment and decrement input as well as other commands.
    Quick, easy setup using onboard DIP switches.

Banner Engineering Direct Select Wireless Operator Interface

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