Banner Engineering QS18 Expert Opposed-Mode Sensor with IO-Link

Banner’s QS18 Expert opposed-mode sensor with IO-Link is a compact, versatile photoelectric sensor with infrared and visible beam emitter/receiver pairs with a range of 20 m (66 ft). The economical sensor is now available with superior light immunity, crosstalk avoidance, and IO-Link communication.


Ambient Light Immunity: The new QS18E offers superior ambient light immunity utilizing a software-based algorithm to prevent unintentional triggering. This algorithm prevents the sensor from being tricked by ambient light sources, such as a light bulb, flashlight, or other light-emitting industrial sensors used in the intelligent factory and automated distribution centers. In other words, the receiver will only be triggered by its own emitter.

Crosstalk Avoidance: Another key benefit of the QS18E Opposed-Mode sensor is crosstalk avoidance provided by optical synchronization. This means that each sensor can be set to one of 3 different frequency channels, so that three sensor pairs can be mounted side-by-side with no crosstalk.

Reliable Performance for High-Speed Applications and Dark Object Detection: Expert TEACH and SET methods ensure optimal gain and threshold for all applications, especially for high-speed or partial beam block (low contrast) applications. Configure the receiver using any of six TEACH or SET methods to define the sensing limits. Choose from Two-Point Static and Dynamic TEACH methods, plus Window, Light, and Dark SET and Opaque Mode for reliable long-range detection of very dark objects.

Banner Engineering QS18 Expert Opposed-Mode Sensors with IO-Link

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