Banner Engineering Direct Select Wireless Operator Interface Node

The Direct Select takes Banner Engineering’s wireless pendant offering to a new level. This package combines a multicolor indicator with capacitive touch input and a numerical display with four tactile pushbuttons. Although the Direct Select is perfectly suited for pick-to-light applications, it is capable of much more. Because it is battery powered, you can have a bi-directional operator interface mounted anywhere in your facility without the need for local power. Additionally, this completely wireless device can travel along with operators for mobile cart and forklift applications.


  • Flexible Operator Interface—Useful as an Input or Output device
    • Call for Parts
    • Operator Guidance
    • Pick to Light
    • Put to Light
    • Mobile Equipment
  • Deploy easily—Simplify installation on existing equipment and remote locations where a wired solution is impractical
  • No wiring—Battery powered with no external wiring
  • Two-way—Node can send information back to the controller for short or missing items
  • Multi-color indication—Active control of more than one operator using different colors
  • Capacitive touch input—No mechanical parts, can be activated with a glove
  • Four tactile buttons—Enable increment/decrement as well as other commands

Banner Engineering Direct Select Wireless Operator Interface Node

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