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Han Axial Screw Technology

Harting’s axial screw termination technology guarantees a safe and reliable connection. Well proven in applications such as railcars, where the connector is exposed to shocks and vibration, the advantage of axial screw termination is the extremely compact contact which, unlike crimping, does not require any special tools to terminate to wires.

Han Easy-Hood Connectors

The growing trend in using different and complex cable variants in one connector poses a challenge for professional cable assemblers in regards of technique and pricing. HARTING has developed Han® Easy-Hoods, offering vertically split two-part shells with new assembling possibilities. The assembly process can now be changed to a more modular production approach.

The interior wiring can be easily managed. All manual movements are changed from axial to vertical processes leading to multiple automation possibilities. The Han® Easy-Hood offers a wide application range with easy access for maintenance.

Han-Quick Lock Terminators

Harting’s new termination technology combines reliability and simple handling with the space saving benefits of crimp technology. Han-Quick Lock® is optimally designed for high contact densities and thus has a considerable advantage compared to other termination technologies. No other technology is this simple, space-saving and fast. Additionally, this vibration-resistant termination requires no special tooling.

Han-Power S with Han Q 8/0 Connector

Harting’s Han-Power® S connector is suitable for the assembly of a serial power bus. Once the energy supply is assembled, the Han-Power® S can be inserted at any place along the power cable. The cable mantle is removed and the conductor is installed without interruption in the IDC.

The Han-Power® S is suitable for cables with single strands manufactured according to DIN VDE 0281/ DIN VDE 0295 with wire gauges of 2.5 mm² up to 6 mm². For the distribution of the device, Han-Compact® hoods or cable to cable housings are used.

Han M12 Crimp Connectors

The newly developed Han® M12 Crimp by Harting is smaller than comparable M12 connectors with IDC-termination currently available. The new type does not have any negative impact on handling and no special tools are required. Standard tools and contacts can be used. In addition, there are less single parts, to allow a quicker termination procedure.