New IDEC MicroSmart Pentra Products

As part of their Automation and Beyond strategy, IDEC is releasing three new products into the MicroSmart Pentra family.

  • Embedded Ethernet MicroSmart Pentra CPU
  • PID control module
  • 4-pt analog output module

The new embedded Ethernet MicroSmart Pentra with web server functions boasts powerful features that no competitor in the micro PLCs market can match. With an embedded 10/100Mbps RJ45 ethernet port and remote connectivity, communication can be done at a faster speed. These controllers not only support Modbus TCP, but also have the capability to send up to 255 email messages with dynamic data and have 1MB for a user web page. These PLCs can be configured to communicate with WindLDR software, IE/Firefox/Safari web browsers, WindSRV OPC software, HG operator interface, and Modbus TCP, all at the same time. Up to 14 simultaneous connections can be established! The new embedded Ethernet MicroSmart Pentra is available in two CPU models with 12 I/O configurations (8 DC inputs and 4 transistor sink or source outputs). All existing FC4A and FC5A expansion modules and accessories are compatible. As standard on the MicroSmart Pentra slim CPU, up to fifteen expansion modules can be configured.

Two new PID modules are now available for more precise and complex PID controls. These new PID modules satisfy the most demanding applications for any type of temperature controls and are available in two configurations; with built-in 2-pt universal analog inputs and 2-pt analog or relay outputs. Up to 4 PID modules can be configured in the 24 I/O All-in-one FC5A CPU and up to 7 on the slim FC5A CPU.

A 4-pt analog output (0-10VDC, 4/20mA) module is also now available. This new module is compatible with all current FC5A CPUs. With this new module, applications that require up to 28 analog outputs can be solved.

To utilize the new functions of the embedded Ethernet MicroSmart Pentra, PID modules and 4-pt analog module, a new Automation Organizer v1.51 with WindLDR v6.41 is available. Please visit our website for free upgrades.