Banner Engineering SSA-EB 30mm Mount E-Stop Buttons

Banner Engineering’s round, 30 mm mount E-Stop buttons are ideal for many emergency stop safety applications with bright, highly visible indication. The easy to install E-Stops are available with two-color yellow and red lighting, red lighting only, or a non-illuminated black base. EZ-LIGHT logic provides an illuminated yellow base when the button is armed and the machine is enabled to RUN or is running, and turns to a flashing red indication whenever the button is pushed. The base of an armed button can also turn to a steady red indication (from yellow) when a STOP condition exists by applying an external signal. 


  • Easy installation and hookup with no assembly, individual wiring or additional enclosure required
  • Reduces intensive labor costs with a fully enclosed E-Stop button ready for installation
  • Illuminated models with yellow and red (flash) indication of actuation (armed or depressed/latched button) and machine status (solid red – optional) allows for easy identification of an actuated button
  • Non-illuminated models with various contact configurations such as 2 NC, 1 NC/1 NO and 2 NC/2 NO; illuminated models with 2 NC and a PNP NO auxiliary output
  • Rugged design rated to IP65 with a 30 mm mounting base