Banner Engineering SureCross Wireless Q45 Sensor

SureCross Wireless Q45 Sensors combine the best of Banner Engineering’s flexible Q45 sensor family with its reliable, field-proven, SureCross wireless architecture to solve new classes of applications limited only by the user’s imagination. Containing a variety of sensor models, a radio, and internal battery supply, this product line is truly plug and play.


  • True self-contained wireless: No cables, cordsets or external power
  • Long Range: 3,000 ft./1 km line-of-sight minimum
  • Extended Battery Life: Up to 5 years on two replaceable AA Lithium batteries, depending on sensor and application.
  • Multiple I/O: Supports a wireless network up to 47 Q45 sensors per gateway
  • Deterministic: Back ground “heart beat” signal continuously tests connection and provides link loss signal if “heart beat” is missed
  • Real-Time Response: ≤250 ms
  • Secure Data Transfer: bidirectional system uses pseudo-random frequency hopping with cyclic redundancy checksum
  • Antenna: Built-in
  • IP67/NEMA 6P: Sealed against liquids and debris common to industrial environments
  • Noise Immune Frequency Hopping
  • Signal Strength for Site Survey
  • Secure Proprietary Protocol
  • 2.4GHz Unlicensed Frequency
  • Network ID’s allow multiple systems to coexist
  • Bidirectional Communication
  • Discrete and Analog I/O on the same network
  • Deterministic PLC-Level Reliability