HARTING Ha-VIS eCon Ethernet Switches

HARTING Ha-VIS eCon Ethernet Switches Stand for High Efficiency and Performance 

High efficiency and performance, along with simple and quick operation – the new Ha-VIS eCon Unmanaged Ethernet Switches place a premium on meeting these demands.

The Ha-VIS eCon 3000 Fast Ethernet PoE family of unmanaged Ethernet switches is equipped with up to 8 Fast Ethernet ports and allow for cost-efficient and quick expansion and/or reconstruction of network infrastructures.

The switches work as power sourcing equipment (PSE) and are capable of simultaneously providing the full PoE output of 34.2 watts on up to four ports.

The slender design of the switches enables an extremely high packing density on the DIN rail. The selection includes various combinations of variants with RJ45 and fibre optic ports. Automatic detection of the transmission rate (auto-negotiation) and of the wiring of the twisted pair data cable (auto-polarity and auto-MDI(X)) allow for simple plug & play. All variants are available with the temperature ranges “Industrial” and “Commercial”.

HARTING Ha-VIS eCon Ethernet Switches

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