Banner Engineering K50 Modbus Pick-to-Light Sensors

The latest addition to Banner Engineering’s K50 line of pick-to-light sensors offer Modbus communication, minimizing cabling and system programming requirements.  The Modbus registers provide a common method of configuration that gives the user more flexibility and an overall simple, potentially lower cost installation.  Wiring is reduced by using double-ended cabling and tee connectors.

The K50 serial sensors are the first rugged, industrial rated Pick-to-Light devices using a common industrial protocol for communication and programming.


  • Rugged, cost-effective and easy-to-install solutions for error-proofing and parts-verification applications
  • Illuminated dome provides easy-to-see job light status
  • Choose either polarized retro-reflective or fixed field models
  • Fully encapsulated IP67 rated construction
  • Customize or select standard function configurations
  • Modbus communication minimizes the cabling and system programming requirements