Phoenix Contact Crimp Tools w/ UL Certification

Just combine Phoenix Contact’s ferrules with their crimp tools* and get UL Listing number E488001 for the ferrules standard UL 486F. Their UL certification covers uninsulated, insulated, twin, and CF 3000 reeled ferrules. Phoenix Contact is one of the first companies to achieve this UL 486F certification for the U.S. and Canada.

Phoenix Contact’s dependable combination of ergonomic hand crimpers* and semi-automatic crimpers gives 508 panel shops, industrial experts, and electronic tradesmen a cost-effective UL Listed alternative when it comes to cutting, stripping, and crimping ferrules or ring lugs.

Quality industrial and electrical hand tools you can trust:

  • High crimp quality Integrated forced-lock system
  • Pre-adjusted, defined crimping force
  • Precision-made dies
  • Ratchet-release mechanism
  • Less effort, reduced fatigue: 25-percent reduction
  • Ergonomic handles for non-slip operation
  • Crimping tools offering many crimp geometries

*Hand crimpers included are the Crimpfox 6, Crimpfox Centrus, Crimpfox 25R, Crimpfox 50R, Crimpfox 4in1, and the Crimpfox 16R.

Phoenix Contact Technical Datasheets