Banner Engineering Q45VA Wireless Condition Monitoring Sensor

Identify equipment problems early before a failure can occur by monitoring the health of motors, fans, pumps, and similar equipment. Banner’s wireless Q45VA sensor measures RMS velocity and temperature and sends that information to a DXM wireless controller over a wireless network. The all-in-one design and wireless infrastructure make it easy to deploy devices, collect machine data, track performance, and find potential problems.


  • One Cost-Effective Device for Rapid Deployment: The Q45VA combines a vibration and temperature sensor, wireless node, and battery power supply in one compact and completely wireless device that costs less than purchasing the sensor and node separately. The all-in-one design eliminates the time, labor, and expense of installing separate sensors and nodes—a significant advantage for large-scale deployments.


  • Reduce Downtime and Increase Efficiency: Use one or more Q45VA wireless vibration and temperature sensors with a DXM wireless controller running Banner’s machine learning algorithm for a solution capable of establishing a vibration baseline for each machine being monitored and alerting operators when parameters are outside established thresholds.


  • Local and Remote Monitoring: View graphs of vibration and temperature data, create alerts, store, and analyze data from multiple assets using a Wireless Solutions Kit (sold separately) and Q45VA wireless vibration and temperature sensors. Or create your own solution using Banner’s Connected Data Solutions cloud software in combination with Q45VA sensors and a DXM Series wireless controller.

Banner Engineering Q45VA Wireless Condition Monitoring Sensor Datasheet

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