Phoenix Contact UBAL Series

Introducing Phoenix Contact’s UBAL terminal series: Aluminum conductors and copper wires can be used in UBAL universal terminal blocks. Pre-lubricated contact cavities simplify the connection of aluminum conductors and ensure that no maintenance is required for the screw connection. Optimum conductor connection is achieved with these blocks, as each block is equipped with Allen screws that allow for high-tightening torque to be applied to the screw.

When connecting aluminum conductors, there are a few guidelines that must be followed. Aluminum begins oxidizing immediately when exposed to oxygen, so the oxide layer must be removed before installation, as it is very hard and non-conductive. A step-by-step preparation list can be found at the end of this document.

For aluminum conductors, according to IEC 60228, there are only two types of wires that fall into Class 1 (solid), and Class 2 (stranded).

Phoenix Contact UBAL Series

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