Red Lion Controls Included in Quality Magazine’s Top 100


Red Lion always strives to produce the highest quality products in the industry. Red Lion is proud to announce that they have been recognized in Quality Magazine’s 2008 Quality Leadership 100.
The companies listed in the Quality Leadership 100 run the gamut from small manufacturers-such as the number 1 company Advanced Instrument Development Inc. with 27 employees to the more than 7,000 employees at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, the company taking second-place honors this year.
Red Lion placed 31st out of 800 participants from various sized manufacturers who were surveyed on criteria such as scrap and rework as a percentage of sales, warranty costs as a percentage of sales, rejected parts per million shipped and contribution of quality to profitability and shareholder value. Companies also were evaluated based on the number of quality programs in place; registration to various standards; percentage of employees dedicated to quality responsibilities; average number of hours monthly that employees receive quality training; and the role quality professionals play in the acquisition of test, measurement and inspection tools, software and services.