Pepperl+Fuchs Barcode Reader Handles OneCode/Intelligent Barcodes


Pepperl+Fuchs introduces a new firmware release for their handheld MAH200 and MAH300 series barcode readers.  The firmware features a decoder that allows these barcode readers to handle the new USPS 4-state barcode, also known as USPS OneCode Solution.
According to the United States Postal service website (, “The Intelligent Mail® barcode (formally known as the 4-State Customer Barcode) is the next generation of USPS® barcode technology used to sort and track letters and flats. Intelligent Mail® barcode technology, among other things, combines the capabilities of the POSTNET barcode and the Planet Code® barcode into one unique barcode.”  For more information visit
In addition to reading 4-state barcodes, the MAH200 and MAH300 include decoders for most linear and 2D symbologies. In all, over 40 decoders are included in the unit. Connectivity is simplified with USB, PS/2, serial or Bluetooth wireless interfaces. A high-capacity battery handle is available for extended operation without the need to recharge.