IDEC LF1D/LF2D LUMIFA LED Flush-Mount Light Strips

IDEC now offers LF1D LUMIFA light strips with diffused illumination to prevent glare and reflection, as well as a new line of LF2D LUMIFA light strips with all the features from the LF1D in a new, low-profile version!

The rugged construction of both LF1D and LF2D make them ideal for machine tools or food and beverage processing equipment. And it doesn’t hurt that LF1D and LF2D are the brightest in their class at 66.6 Lumen/Watt (Slim) and 67.2 Lumens/Watt (Wide). These light strips are durable enough for harsh environments, while also being designed to provide vibrant light at the center and edges of the units. Reinforced glass models bring to the table an impressive IP67f degree of protection against water, dust and oil. A polycarbonate plastic cover is available (IP67 degree of protection), perfect for anyone involved with food processing applications.

LF1D/2D light strips are Cool White (Temp: 5700K) and offered in a slim (10 x 1 LED array) or wide type (7 x 2 LED array) with 24V DC voltage, and retain 70% of their initial illuminance at 50,000 hrs, making them a smart long-term, low-maintenance investment. Side connection and back connection options are available. Plus a removable direct plug-in terminal block with spring clamp connections ensure high-quality connections, making it easy to install these LED illumination units. Manufactured with a sturdy die-cast aluminum housing and stainless steel front cover, LF1D/2D light strips are also RoHS compliant, mercury-free and UL listed.

Application examples include: Machine tools, food processing equipment, automatic manufacturing machines, printing machines, production system and test equipment.

IDEC LF1D/LF2D LUMIFA LED Flush-Mount Light Strips

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