Banner Engineering EZ-SCREEN V-Series Safety Light Screens

As an addition to the EZ-SCREEN family, Banner Engineering’s V-System provides a rugged, small profile, extremely “EZ-to-use” safety light screen that does not require configuration. The system is preconfigured for Trip Output, 2-channel EDM (that can be de-selected) and Scan Code 1.


  • A two-piece design optoelectronic safeguarding device.
  • Compact package for smaller production machines, robust for large power presses.
  • Ease of Alignment: Bi-color LED Zone Indicators identify areas of blocked beams.
  • Metal end caps and two-sided “T” slots for a variety of mounting options.
    • Easy set up, less wiring, and lower installation costs
    • Convenient setup without configuring DIP-switches, a PC, a hand-held programmer, or other device
  • Preconfigured for Trip Output, 2-CH/No EDM and Scan Code 1 (default configuration for EZ-SCREEN 14/30 mm systems)
    • Same wiring and cordset options as EZ-SCREEN 14/30mm systems
    • Can be used as the end system in an EZ-SCREEN 14/30mm cascade system
  • 30 mm resolution with a range of 18 m.
  • Highly immune to EMI, RFI, ambient light, weld flash, and strobe light.
    • Robust operation and advanced diagnostics minimize downtime and troubleshooting 
    • Lower power consumption allows energy saving and fewer/smaller power supplies
  • Advanced Diagnostics: 7-segment display indicates error codes to simplify troubleshooting, and number of beams blocked.
    • Flexible interfacing options (e.g. Interface Modules, Mechanically-linked Contactors, Safety Controllers, Safety PLC input and Safety BUS node/gateway
  • FMEA tested to ensure control reliability and third party certified to Type 4 per IEC61496, Category 4 PLe per EN/ISO 13849-1, SIL3 per IEC61508.
  • Two solid-state OSSD safety outputs (+24Vdc @ 0.5A).
    • Compliance with the most rigorous world-wide safety standards