Turck BL67 Multiprotocol Ethernet Gateway

TURCK announces the BL67 Multiprotocol Ethernet gateway for Ethernet/IP™ and Modbus™ TCP/IP. Designed to provide a reliable communication solution for on-machine, modular I/O applications, the BL67 is ideal for use in environments where conditions may not be conducive to traditional I/O. The BL67 satisfies applications requiring digital or analog inputs and outputs, specialty I/O such as SSI, RFID, and serial inputs to Industrial Ethernet networks.

Featuring TURCK’s unique Multiprotocol technology, the BL67 gateway combines multiple Ethernet protocols in a single device, yet only allows one Ethernet master to control the outputs while the input and diagnostic data is available to the other protocols. The BL67 offers isolated power for high density digital inputs and outputs, analog I/O including temperature inputs, the ability to elevate RFID, serial, encoder, and counter I/O to Ethernet for flexible application requirements. An integrated Ethernet switch allows a line topology between multiple gateways without using an external switch, eliminating the need for additional cable runs to the PLC.

“The TURCK BL67 Ethernet gateway with Multiprotocol technology offers users the exclusive advantage for their device to automatically configure itself based on the Ethernet host system that will be deployed,” said Matt Boudjouk, Product Manager. “This simplifies operations for our customers who manufacture or design equipment for an end-user base that has differing preferences between Industrial Ethernet protocols.”

The BL67 ensures durable performance with models available in IP67 rated housing.

Turck BL67 Multiprotocol Ethernet Gateway

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