Mersen Surge-Trap® Pluggable DIN-Rail SPD


Surge-Trap® Pluggable Surge Protective Device (SPD) is a no-fuse, fail-safe surge suppressor featuring Mersen’s patented TPMOV® technology inside. The pluggable SPD is UL 1449 Third Edition approved. It is DIN-rail mountable featuring a fail-safe self-protected design, visual indicator and a small footprint. A remote indicator option provides status to critical control circuits. The Surge-Trap Pluggable SPD has a high short circuit current rating and a thermally protected MOV, which eliminates the need for additional overcurrent protection devices.


  • Easy installation or retrofit
  • DIN-rail mountable
  • Fail-safe, self-protected design
  • Remote indicator
  • Visual indicator
  • IP20 finger-safe design
  • Small footprint
  • No additional over-current protection devices required
  • Easy to replace modules
  • Two-year warranty