Phoenix Contact PT-SG/1 PCB Connector

Responding to the need for products in the photovoltaic market, Phoenix Contact introduces the new PT-SG/1 “grapple contact”.  The grapple contact is a THR-solderable, single-position metal contact without an insulating housing.  It is primarily used for internal device wiring in device manufacturing.  The PT-SG/1 offers a spring-cage contact system, and is a cost-effective, tool-free way to terminate flat ribbon and other conductors.  This product is ideal for manufacturers of solar inverters and photovoltaic module outlet boxes as a method of making DC/AC connections that are led outside of the box, as well as connections to built-in chokes and coils.


  • No special tools are needed to open and terminate the spring
  • Tape-and-reel packing for automated assembly in reflow process
  • Two PCB pin lengths: 2.1mm and 2.9mm
  • Product can be used multiple times
  • Easy termination of flat ribbon conductors